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Fibroid Doctors and Specialists in NYC

Find the best fibroid doctor, the best support staff and the best fibroid surgeons in NYC at VIVA EVE. Dedicated to empowering you to regain control of your life, the doctors at this fibroid clinic provide you with the knowledge, the possibilities, and the emotional security to decide how best to treat your uterine fibroids and associated reproductive health issues.

Call VIVA EVE to meet the best rated fibroid experts and the staff to talk about your symptoms and be heard. Our fibroid doctors treat you like an individual and will work with you to find a course of treatment that’s best for you and your unique circumstances. Our fibroid specialists help you determine which treatment is the best way to treat your uterine fibroids.

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My experience with Viva eve was excellent, the staff was beyond friendly and gracious the Doctors was very informative in explaining what was going on and what’s going to happen. I would very much recommend this site to my family and friends even my 3 older daughters. Thank you so much to all employees of viva eve in forest Hills Queens you made a friend in me


Elena Mccullough Google Review

I’ve rated them and stated my comment previously and I still feel the same way. What an exceptional fascility. This is the way any office should run. Excellent bed side, professional, they are true to their words and most importantly they care about you. The foundation is solid and it shows. Thank you everyone for making me feel special even under the circumstances.
Silvana Google Review

Friendly, professional, caring staff. Clean, organized facility with the best doctor; Dr. Gohar. Highly recommended.
None Google Review

Dr. Gohar is a modern day doctor who knows modern day medicine and cures. My former GYN doctor has old school methods that leave his patients in the dust. I am currently on a journey for a cure for my female issues. Dr. Gohar has been a blessing thus far.
Kim Buxton Google Review

Wonderful doctors and nurses who made me feel very comfortable and kept checking up on me for several days after my procedure. Clean, modern office, very nice recovery room that even had tablets for patients so that they don't get bored! I was driven to the procedure in a luxury car, the same car was waiting for me when I was ready to go home. A very good experience. If you are considering UFE, this is the way to go.
Asya S. Google Review

All the doctors and nurses at Viva Eve were very professional and friendly. I was very nervous before the procedure but they immediately made me feel at ease. The Interventional Radiologist who performed the procedure was very nice and patient and answered all of my many questions. The office is very clean and modern. The entire team was very attentive. They even gave me a "goodie bag" with all the medication I will need and some really nice gift items. I highly recommend Viva Eve to anyone considering Uterine Fibroid Embolization.
Lara K. Google Review

Viva Eve staff made something that could have been a very difficult experience so easy. Everyone there was so nice, friendly and helpful. The interventional radiologist that did the procedure explained everything to both me and my husband in great detail, so I knew exactly what to expect. The nurses that took care of me in recovery were wonderful.

I was picked up and dropped off right at my doorstep in a nice black car.

I'm now 3 months post UFE and I feel soo much better! I only wish I had done it years ago.

I will highly recommend Viva Eve to anyone thinking of doing UFE. These guys (and girls) are awesome!

Elaine l. Google Review