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Sandy Anne N., 42 "VIVA EVE is a place I would definitely recommend."

Sandy Anne N., 42

VIVA EVE is a place I would definitely recommend

The care I received from the nurses, fibroid specialists and doctors after my procedure was remarkable. I was very impressed at the fact that they were actually checking on me at the fibroid facility every moment to make sure that I was comfortable and I had everything that I needed, that they called me at home the day after, and that the pharmacy actually delivered pills to my house! After this fibroid removal procedure, VIVA EVE is a place that I would definitely recommend to anyone who has fibroid issues.

Johanna A., 28 "Based on what I went through and how I recovered, I would absolutely tell my friends or family ... to do UFE."

Johanna A., 28

Based on what I went through and how I recovered, I would absolutely tell my friends or family or anyone that needed to, to do UFE.

By the second month, I didn’t even notice when my period was coming. It’s a relief not having to be worried or petrified about my period. Even my libido woke back up. I had no interest in having sex at one point and, after UFE, it just woke back up one day. It felt like overnight … I feel like a completely different person and I’m trying to adjust to this new body!

Shakila M., 38 "I’m very happy I went with UFE."

Shakila M., 38

I’m very happy I went with UFE

The doctor sat me down and said, “Hey, listen, we’ve got other options beside major surgery. There’s a little bit more modern technology out there. You don’t have to remove a part of your body. You don’t have to go through all these side effects. The recovery time is 90% shorter than a hysterectomy”… I’m very happy that I went with the least invasive option, the UFE.

Lori, 46 "The difference is pretty amazing."

Lori, 46

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had very painful periods. Multiple Advils several times a day helped, but very little. I remember many years ago my mom surprised me for my birthday and got tickets to “My Fair Lady”, my favorite musical. I was so looking forward to it. In the middle of the show my cramps got so bad, that we had to leave, I was almost fainting from the pain. I remember crying from both the pain and because I had to miss the show. I didn’t know then just how many things I would have to miss in the years to come because of my severe cramps..

My mom and both of my aunts always had bad cramps, and so did my grandmother. I guess it runs in the family. My gynecologist told me that I have multiple fibroids many years ago, but all the treatment options she offered sounded so scary! I also never had heavy bleeding or spotting between my periods, so after a few days of agony I felt fine again. Until next time.

My cousin in Georgia told me about Uterine Fibroid Embolization. Her friend had it done in Atlanta and was very happy with the results. She urged me to look into it and to find someone who does it in the New York area.

I went to see my primary care doctor and while I was waiting, I saw the brochures for VIVA EVE in the reception. My doctor also recommended VIVA EVE. She knew the company and had several patients who did their UFE there and were very pleased with the results.

I contacted VIVA EVE and spoke to their office manager who was extremely helpful and nice and spent a very long time on the phone with me answering every single question I had. I had a consultation and the VIVA EVE doctor told me that UFE is a good option for me and it should help with my pain and bloating.

The procedure seemed to go very quickly. I was not quite asleep but I wasn’t awake either. The recovery nurse was wonderful, very attentive and kind. The facility is very clean and modern. The company provided a car to take me there and back, which was great. My girlfriend came with me and I went home that same afternoon.

The one thing that I did that wasn’t smart during my recovery is not take the medication I was given the way they told me to do it. I felt so good, that I got cocky and thought that I didn’t need it. And then the cramps came and they were pretty bad. My advice to you is just take the medicine the way they tell you and don’t wait for the pain to start.

VIVA EVE staff called me every day after my procedure. That was a nice touch. The first day the surgeon himself called me to make sure that I was doing okay.

The first time after the procedure my period was very painful, probably even worse than my regular one. But my second one was a little bit better, and my third was MUCH better. I am now 5 months post-UFE and I am now able to do things while having a period. I take a few Advils and I am good to go. The difference is pretty amazing. I also feel much less bloated, I no longer have to wear those loose tops I have been wearing for ages.

Even though I am 46 years old, if I am anything like my female relatives, I will probably not have menopause for many years to come. So, I look forward to having normal periods with some mild discomfort, but nothing in comparison with the debilitating cramps I used to have. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it.

Luann, 42 "I am so happy I chose UFE instead of all the other procedures!"

Luann, 42

I’ve always had heavy bleeding and a lot of cramps during my period. In my late thirties the cramps and the bleeding got so bad, that pretty much every month I had to stay home from work for the first one or two days of my period. I had no energy and felt tired all the time.

I also felt a lot of pressure in my belly and had to go to the bathroom all the time, sometimes several times per night. The fibroids also got pretty expensive. I was spending a fortune on pads, tampons, going through boxes of it. I had to go to Costco to get the really big boxes to make it a little cheaper.

I have been with my gyno for several years now. He discussed myomectomy with me. That sounded like a pretty major operation. I am not yet forty, so the idea of a hysterectomy terrified me. I have one child from my first marriage, my husband and I are thinking of maybe having another one someday. My gynecologist never mentioned UFE to me. I found out about it from a VIVA EVE ad in AM New York. It sounded like such a great solution, I had to find out more.

VIVA EVE staff instantly made me feel very comfortable. Everyone there seems to be very kind and attentive. My MRI showed that I am a good candidate for the procedure, so I decided to go for it. The doctor discussed all the details of the procedure and what I could expect. They also gave me a bunch of materials to read at home and to show to my husband.

On the day of the surgery, I got picked up at my home in a black car. The facility was very clean and modern. The procedure itself lasted about an hour. The recovery room was very nice, it even had a tablet with Netflix on it attached to the bed!

After the procedure I did get some cramps, but the drugs I got really helped. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call from the surgeon the following day. They called me to check up on me for, like, three days!

It’s been 3 months after I had my UFE. I noticed that my bleeding was not as heavy the first time I had my period. By my 3rd cycle it really got much better. I can now use regular tampons and pads and I used to use super plus. I can now sleep through the night without going to the bathroom. My stomach feels smaller and I definitely have more energy. I am soo happy I chose UFE instead of all the other procedures!

Tania, 38 "UFE seriously changed my life."

Tania, 38

Fibroids run in my family. My mom was diagnosed when she was 30 or so. Her fibroids got so big, that she looked pregnant! I remember my friends asking me if I am getting a baby brother or a baby sister and I was so embarrassed. My mom also got super heavy periods and horrible cramps. Everyone in the family knew my mom’s cycle, even both of my brothers. You couldn’t miss it. So, when I started getting those same symptoms, I knew exactly what’s going on and I really didn’t want to go through what my mom went through. I didn’t want my son to know when I have my period! It’s none of anyone’s business!

I consulted with my gynecologist, he mentioned UFE as an option. It was done in the hospital and you needed to stay overnight. That somehow made it feel like a really big deal. Then I heard an ad on the station I listen to all the time when I’m in the car – Fresh FM. It advertised this company – VIVA EVE and it said that I could go home the same day!

I called them and came in to be evaluated. They told me that I am a perfect candidate for the procedure. I really liked the staff and the surgeon who was very patient and answered every one of my questions. And I had many. I knew exactly what to expect because the staff at VIVA EVE explained everything and also gave me all kinds of things to read. I decided that I need to give UFE a shot.

The procedure was exactly like they described, the recovery room was great, even had the tablets to look at while you are recovering. The nurses were very nice. This whole thing didn’t feel like a major procedure at all. My boyfriend came with me and they let him in to hang with me for a bit while I was recovering. VIVA EVE even gave us parking coupons.

I had cramps and felt a bit weak for a day or two. I had drugs I could take for the pain and they helped with the cramps. I also got a nice goodie bag. I really liked it that I got calls from VIVA EVE staff for several days after the procedure. I had some concerns and the doctor was able to help with it right away. That made me feel well taken care of.

My cramps got a tiny bit better the first time I had my period, but I still had a lot of bleeding. It got a little better with my 2nd and 3rd period. But by my 4th period it was like night and day. I kept waiting for the cramps to get really bad, but they never did. Two Advils took care of it. The bleeding also got tons lighter. I realized that I forget for hours at a time that I am on my period! This has never happened before.

UFE seriously changed my life. I feel healthier and I am in a much better mood now. Last month we drove to my niece’s Sweet 16 while I was on my period. This never would have happened before. Never. I would have just stayed home.

I have one advice to any woman with fibroids: go and see if you can do UFE. It will change your life.

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