Fibroid symptoms are not always obvious. However, if you’re experiencing noticeably painful cramps or PMS symptoms that cause you to miss work or school, these could be signs of fibroids. Untreated fibroids can lead to a host of complications that could even include infertility. See a gynecologist specializing in fibroids at a fibroid clinic like VIVA EVE for a full exam. Fibroid signs may not be recognizable to you, but they are evident to a fibroid specialist in NYC.

Fibroids are abnormal uterine growths that are usually non-cancerous or benign. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Mild fibroid symptoms can give way to more serious medical conditions. While they’re rarely life-threatening, fibroids can make your life uncomfortable to say the least, and can possibly interfere with your attempts to get pregnant.

Women are most susceptible to getting uterine fibroids when they are of childbearing age. As many as 80 percent of women may feel fibroid symptoms before reaching menopause.

You may not even know you have fibroids unless they’re discovered accidentally during a routine pelvic exam, or when you have an ultrasound. When you do experience fibroid signs, you’ll want to seek relief from the best fibroid doctor in New York City. That’s why you need to find a “fibroid specialist near me” in Forest Hills, Queens at VIVA EVE.

There’s Nothing Wrong, Except…

You can have small fibroids in your uterus without exhibiting any fibroid signs. This is actually a common situation. Many women don’t know they’ve developed uterine growths until they start having fibroid symptoms that don’t respond to normal treatment for similar painful disorders.

Sometimes, the symptoms of fibroids mimic the symptoms of other conditions. That’s why you need to see a fibroid doctor — to get the proper diagnosis in the quickest amount of time. Fibroid symptoms may include:

  • A feeling of being bloated or full
  • Weight gain that you can’t explain away
  • An insistent urge to urinate
  • A feeling that you can’t fully empty your bladder
  • A distended or bulging belly

Other Fibroid Symptoms

Although fibroids are not life-threatening, you should still see a fibroid specialist in NYC sooner rather than later. Fibroids are malignant about one to two percent of time. When fibroids reach sizes larger than five centimeters, you may require invasive surgery to treat them. However, there are alternatives with measurable results that are less invasive, with much shorter recuperation times.

Other common and noticeable fibroid signs include:

Visit a Fibroid Center in NYC

When fibroid symptoms or signs of distress become apparent, you need to seek expert help from a fibroid specialist near me. Visit a fibroid treatment center like VIVA EVE to get an accurate diagnosis. If fibroids are discovered in or on your uterus, appropriate treatments are available. And when they’re caught early enough, the best fibroid surgeon in NYC will tell you surgery may not be necessary.

Non-surgical treatments include the use of uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), ultrasound and hormones. Your fibroid doctor has access to the latest technology and techniques to find any fibroids and treat them. And if you do end up needing surgery, you’re at the right place for fibroid surgery in NYC.

Pay Attention to Your Body

To avoid undetected fibroids, watch for fibroid symptoms:

  • If you notice you’ve gained an abnormal amount of water weight before your period, it may be time for a visit to a fibroid clinic. Since the tumors are so pervasive, there’s a strong chance you have them, especially if any women in your family have a history of uterine fibroids.
  • If you start feeling pain at any time during intercourse, that could be a sign of an abnormal condition. Pain during sex isn’t always one of the fibroid signs, but it may indicate another, similar condition that the best fibroid surgeon can detect, such as adenomyosis.
  • If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, visit a uterine fibroid specialist. Treatments are often simple, but they may take several months to take effect, so the sooner you’re treated, the sooner you can return to your attempts to get pregnant.
  • If you often get painful cramps during your cycle, find the best fibroid doctor in New York City. Undergo the tests and an exam to determine the cause. You’ll be glad to discover that your monthly discomfort is treatable and fibroid-related.

Treatment with UFE

Will I get my flat stomach back after UFE?

The most likely cause of weight gain and abdominal bloating with fibroids is the growth of the fibroids themselves.  As that fibroid grows, it takes up more space, and becomes heavier. As a result, you experience weight gain and bloating as your body adjusts to the presence of the mass within you. 

Multiple and large fibroids jutting out of the uterus can cause the abdomen to appear swollen or larger in size. As the fibroids begin to shrink after the UFE procedure, you will notice that your stomach is becoming less and less distended. It usually takes several menstrual cycles for you to start noticing the difference.

How soon after UFE can I have sex?

You should be able to resume your regular activity, including sexual activity and exercise 7 days post-procedure. Many women report a dramatic improvement in their libido and their sex life overall following UFE.

Make sure you maintain a schedule of regular checkups with your gynecologist specializing in fibroids. Since fibroids don’t always have symptoms, many women only discover they have fibroids at a routine gynecological visit. Find the best care with the best fibroid surgeons in NYC at VIVA EVE.