Infertility may be a consequence of untreated uterine fibroids. At the same time, having fibroids can interfere with your ability to get pregnant. Infertility treatment can take many different avenues, but when you rely on the best fibroid surgeons in NYC, you can expect to get effective results in short order. Call VIVA EVE, your New York City center for uterine fibroids to begin infertility treatment as soon as possible.

The direct link between infertility and fibroid tumors has been irrefutably proven by countless studies. So, when you consider that up to 80 percent of women are affected by fibroids by the age of 50, it’s clear why you’d choose to seek infertility treatment from a fibroid specialist in NYC.

Traditionally, fibroids usually resulted in a hysterectomy or myomectomy — procedures that leave you without the ability to conceive. But today, the best fibroid surgeons in NYC use minimally invasive techniques to treat fibroids. And in most cases, they’re able to maintain your fertility and help you go on to conceive, carry and deliver your new baby comfortably and without complications.

Infertility and Fibroids

It’s quite possible that your infertility may be entirely the result of fibroid growths in your uterus. Fibroids cause infertility by blocking or obstructing your fallopian tubes. When this happens, there is a direct impact on your body’s ability to transport eggs and semen properly. Some studies suggest that the impairment rate often exceeds 50 percent. Additional reasons that fibroids can result in infertility include:

  • Fibroids can cause changes in the shape of your cervix, possibly restricting the sperm from entering.
  • If the shape of your uterus is altered, this can also hinder sperm from proper contact with the embryo.
  • Fibroids can have a definite impact on the lining of your uterine cavity.
  • It’s necessary for an embryo to stick or implant to the wall of your uterus in order for it to grow and develop. If your blood flow is compromised due to a fibroid, it can present problems in this process.

The type of fibroid you have and the location in your uterus must be taken into careful consideration. Consulting a uterine fibroid specialist is absolutely in your best interest. Contacting a fibroid treatment center is an excellent place to start getting answers about infertility treatment.

Types of Fibroids

There are different types of fibroid growths, and each impacts fertility differently. Submucosal fibroids, which protrude into your uterine cavity, present the biggest obstruction to conception. By simply removing or shrinking them may resolve your infertility problems. At least your chances of conception better than double. This type of fibroid causes heavy periods or bleeding between your periods.

Intramural fibroids can also require infertility treatment. Intramural fibroid treatment, especially for larger ones, may also require removal. When you’re looking for a “fibroid specialist near me,” take the proven track record of a center for uterine fibroids into consideration to maximize the quality of your care. You need a fibroid doctor capable of properly diagnosing your condition and establishing the benefit you’ll gain from this type of infertility treatment.

The Best Fibroid Center In NYC

Non-cancerous fibroid growths are so common that it’s no surprise they have such a drastic impact on fertility. They have the potential to affect:

  • Your ability to become pregnant
  • Your ability to stay pregnant, which can include:
    • Placental abruption
    • Pre-term labor or birth
  • The growth, development, and position of your baby

Which infertility treatment you need is determined by the severity of your symptoms and your specific needs. So find the best fibroid doctor and best fibroid surgeon possible. Fibroid surgery in NYC is a well-established field of medical practice. The best fibroid treatment center is as close as Forest Hills in Queens at VIVA EVE.

Problems and Risks of Infertility Treatment

If you’re undergoing hormone treatments for infertility, a side effect may be fibroids developing inside your uterus. This only serves to complicate your infertility if you didn’t already have fibroids before beginning your hormone therapy. The entire process of infertility treatment can be extremely frustrating and emotionally taxing. You deserve a fibroid clinic that is committed to helping you through every aspect of this journey.

Laparoscopic treatment for your fibroids is often a wonderful option to treat your condition and promote your fertility. Procedures such as a laparoscopic-assisted abdominal myomectomy (or LAAM) are performed on an outpatient basis. They can take some of the stress and fear out of your experience.

Don’t Be Subject to Misinformation

Even among doctors, there is disagreement and controversy surrounding fibroids and infertility. But that’s no reason to get confused. You have access to the absolute best gynecologist specializing in fibroids at your disposal.

The VIVA EVE team relies on fibroid experts who have set the New York City standard for fibroids treatment. They take care of fibroids and the infertility they can cause. Schedule a consult and ask all the questions you have.

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