Sandy Anne N., 42

Sandy Anne N.

VIVA EVE is a place I would definitely recommend

The care I received from the nurses and doctors after my procedure was remarkable. I was very impressed at the fact that they were actually checking on me at the facility every moment to make sure that I was comfortable and I had everything that I needed, that they called me at home the day after, and that the pharmacy actually delivered pilled to my house! After this procedure, VIVA EVE is a place that I would definitely recommend to anyone who has fibroid issues.

Johanna A., 28

Johanna A.

Based on what I went through and how I recovered, I would absolutely tell my friends or family or anyone that needed to, to do UFE.

By the second month, I didn’t even notice when my period was coming. It’s a relief not having to be worried or petrified about my period. Even my libido woke back up. I had no interest in having sex at one point and, after UFE, it just woke back up one day. It felt like overnight … I feel like a completely different person and I’m trying to adjust to this new body!

Shakila M., 38

Shakila M.

I’m very happy I went with UFE

The doctor sat me down and said, “Hey, listen, we’ve got other options beside major surgery. There’s a little bit more modern technology out there. You don’t have to remove a part of your body. You don’t have to go through all these side effects. The recovery time is 90% shorter than a hysterectomy”… I’m very happy that I went with the least invasive option, the UFE.

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