Uterine fibroids can be difficult to live with, causing many women to experience painful symptoms and heavy menstrual bleeding.  Your uterine fibroid specialist in NYC has the knowledge, experience and techniques to help you uncover the source of your pain. At VIVA EVE fibroid treatment center in Queens, you have options to treat your symptoms and restore your body to a healthy, fibroid-free state.  When you ask for a “fibroid specialist near me,” you’ll find the best fibroid doctor in Forest Hills at a center for uterine fibroids. Don’t suffer in silence; call today for an appointment. 

Fibroids are tumors that are almost always noncancerous, and grow on or in the uterus. You don’t usually know they’re there until you get  Typically, fibroids are diagnosed during a routine pelvic exam at your gynecologist’s office, or when symptoms point to an underlying problem, in which case your doctor will most likely order an ultrasound. Once they’re discovered, you’re better off visiting a fibroid specialist like the ones at VIVA EVE, a fibroid clinic in Forest Hills, Queens.

Uterine fibroids are made up of connective tissue cells and smooth cells from muscles. 80 percent of U.S. women will have fibroids in their lifetime, however, it’s common for women to never have symptoms. 

While not all women need to get fibroid treatment, iIf you do experience any symptoms, it’s imperative that you visit a fibroid center in NYC and receive a clear, definitive diagnosis from a gynecologist specializing in fibroids.

In fact, without a visit to a center for uterine fibroids, you may not know the true extent of your fibroids. Close to one-third of fibroids aren’t large enough to be detected.

Common Fibroid Symptoms

In New York City, VIVA EVE is your go-to source for the best fibroid surgeons in NYC (they even specialize in nonsurgical alternatives, such as UFE). Your uterine fibroid specialist in NYC provides a complete examination to determine the likelihood that fibroids are causing your symptoms, the most common of which include:

Many women who encounter fibroid symptoms find it disruptive to everyday life, making the need to seek treatment even more urgent. Your fibroid specialist in NYC can help you quickly determine the cause of your discomfort, however mild or strong, and provide you with treatment options.

Causes and Risks for Uterine Fibroids

No definitive causes of fibroids have been declared as of 2018. But it’s widely believed that the presence of estrogen fuels the development of uterine fibroids. Each tumor is created from muscle cells tending toward aberrant development, which is then fueled by massive doses of estrogen present, especially in younger women.

As you near menopause, you seem to be at a greater risk of getting fibroids after a lifetime of estrogen production. Although it’s unclear as to why, obese and African-American women also are at a greater risk. Some of the types of fibroids you may encounter no matter your risk level include:

Visit a Fibroid Doctor

The best fibroid doctor in Queens can tell you that it’s vital that you seek treatment if you suspect fibroids. A fibroid specialist at a fibroid treatment center has sufficient experience to know that the consequences of leaving fibroids untreated can be devastating. While fibroids aren’t life-threatening, unchecked uterine fibroids can lead to:

Although only about one percent of fibroid tumors are found to be malignant, you shouldn’t take any chances with your health. Your uterine fibroid specialist in Forest Hills can assess eEven your mild symptoms, and whether they point to a more serious case of uterine fibroids. If you suspect fibroids is the cause of physical discomfort, make an appointment with a fibroid specialist in NYC.

, you shouldn’t take any chances with your health. Even mild symptoms can point to a more serious case of uterine fibroids. If you suspect fibroids is the cause of physical discomfort, make an appointment with a fibroid specialist in NYC.

Treatment Options by a Fibroid Specialist

Because you’ve found the best fibroid surgeon at VIVA EVE, you have numerous options for treatment at your fibroid clinic, including minimally invasive alternatives. Your fibroid surgeon will provide a full overview, leaving fibroid surgery in NYC as the final option, acknowledging that fibroid surgery may be recommended if other treatments don’t work. Depending on your desire to have children, whether you currently are pregnant, or if you’re finished having babies, you may choose from a variety of treatments at your fibroid center that include:

If you don’t have fibroids, these might be appropriate treatments for you:

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